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Below are 50 sample thumbnails out of the 100+ included on the CD-ROM, and a few full size images from the SederGraphics Interface CD v.1. The SederGraphics Interface CD v.1 contains over 100 quality interfaces in layered Adobe Photoshop format.

You will notice that the Interfaces have SederGraphics on them. This is just a place holder for your company name. Since all interfaces on the CD are in layer Adobe Photoshop format modifications are easy. Making these interfaces unique for your clients, or for your company is a snap with a little Photoshop knowledge.


BlueButt-k BlurMan-k BrownSimple-k ChromeGFX2z-k Circular_Tech-k
ClearPlastic-k DropDownPanel-k GFX_Panel-k GoldBar-k GoldSmoothPanel-k
Gray_Gold_Video-k Green_SGFX-k HandHeld-k HiTech-k Hydrolic2-k
Interface-k Interface_web-k Lab-k LinedChrome-k Mech5-k
MechScreen-k MetaPanel-k Metal_GFX-k PDA_Thing-k PadPanel-k
PanelFlyout-k RoundThing-k RoundViewer-k RoundedPad-k Rusted_Panel-k
RustyPanel-k SLT_Page-k ShinnyInterface-k Slab_Interface-k Steel-k
SteelBall-k Steel_or_Stone-k Tech1-k Video1-k VideoPad-k
VideoPlayer-k WoodPanel-k WoodSteel_SGFX-k WoodTech-k buildingsbronze-S
coolgray-S orange-S graygloop-S newest-S old_MP3_Player-k
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